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Office Assistant


Alexia is our first line of contact when it comes to our client and staff interaction process. As Office Assistant, she happily initiates first steps for our clients, followed by communicating project details with her team to set them up for success. It's very important to Alexia that both our customers and our team have what they need through each step of the project process from first inquiry to project completion. She helps keep the office, client details, and office staff prepared and organized so everyone can win at the end of the day.
Quality Services Are Our First Priority

Sales Representative
and Sales Manager


Mina is our Sales Manager and Representative at Footprint Home Experts. With a childhood steeped in construction site observations and a familial legacy in the field, my passion for building and creating runs deep. Inspired by my grandfather's work as a foreman and fueled by early experiences with Legos, I developed a fascination for the artistry and engineering of architecture. Drawn to the grandeur of Seljuk and Gothic architectural styles, I've embraced construction as a canvas for continuous learning and exploration.

Each project fuels my curiosity and offers an opportunity to blend artistry with practicality. Collaborating with clients, I strive to turn their visions into tangible realities, finding fulfillment in the transformative power of my work. With a heart fueled by passion and hands skilled in creation, I aspire to leave my mark on the landscape, one masterpiece at a time.
Quality Services Are Our First Priority

Sales Representative and
Design Professional


With an eye for aesthetic brilliance and a heart that beats for the creative process, he has masterfully blended his passion for art into a thriving career in construction design and sales. His unique approach to each project combines a deep understanding of form and function with a flair for the imaginative, resulting in spaces that are not only structurally sound but also visually captivating. His creative powerhouse uses his artistic prowess to not only envision but also bring to life innovative designs that resonate with clients, setting the stage for sales success and leaving a lasting impression in the world of construction.
Quality Services Are Our First Priority

Marketing Manager/Office Manager


Julie is a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the industry. With a passion for connecting clients with the perfect services, she excels in understanding their needs and crafting tailored strategies to meet and exceed expectations. Her expertise spans across various marketing channels, from digital to traditional, and she thrives in dynamic environments where creativity and strategic thinking are paramount.She also assists with overseeing day to day operations in our main office, to ensure the success of our teams across all departments. 

Outside of the office, Julie enjoys indulging her creative side through baking delicious treats and spending quality time with her friends and family. Whether she's whipping up a batch of cookies or organizing a gathering, Julie's warmth and enthusiasm radiate, making her a wonderful office addition both professionally and personally.
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